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For many years the author has been traveling throughout the world looking for the most successful cancer therapies, and he has been explaining to people that there is much more available than just chemotherapy and irradiation. Recognized internationally as Europe’s leading specialist in this area, he describes the results of his years of research in the series: Healing Cancer Holistically. The reader will learn in detail why so-called experts in reality know little about cancer. In addition to descriptions of more than 100 cancer therapies and substances used in treating cancer, the author also explains which cancer therapies are used allopathically and what is imperative for a patient to know before he subjects himself to such therapies. The 3E-Program, which is based on the analysis of case histories of thousands of people who have survived late stage cancer, is also described for the first time. Learn why so many people die of cancer, and why so many others do not. This book not only supplies an incredible amount of information, it also helps the cancer patient to find his own way to cure cancer through the active exercises of the 3E-Program.

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Dr. Johanna Budwig first obtained a doctorate in physics, chemistry and pharmacy. Later she worked in fat research, published a work on the differentiation of fat and became head of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Products and Fats at the Federal Institute for research.Early 1998 she became a close friend with Lothar Hirneise. Together, they held several lectures on alternative cancer therapies,more specifically the Oil-Protein Diet, and published two books together.

This is the Original cover from 1952, first published in English 1994. Many delicious recipes. 182 pages. 






This is the new cover from 2018, with the same content PLUS additional information from Lothar Hirneise. 206 pages. 

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Cancer The Problem cover

The statements about essential fats or the life threatening effects of certain fats and their significance for the cancer problem lead to a collision with prevailing opinion. Convinced of her scientific findings on the natural science level, Dr. Johanna Budwig devoted her life to the realization of the validity of her research results for sustaining human life in medicine, and in the process bring about a change in the direction of cancer research and therapy.

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Of course, Lothar Hirneise cannot create a detailed therapy plan for every member, but he can tell you what he has learned in over 20 years of alternative cancer research. How promising is a specific therapy? Which nutritional therapy is best for me? Is there an alternative to my planned radiation therapy, etc.? Every cancer patient (and almost every therapist) has their own questions! As a member you have the possibility to get your questions answered personally by Lothar Hirneise. In addition, Lothar and his team are always up to date and know the latest studies and developments. So you can be sure that you will get a profound and professional answer.

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