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Bio Pro

Bio Pro is a supplementary preparation whose task it is to replace missing thymus proteins and to strengthen the immune system. It consists mainly of a natural thymus protein which is produced with the help of living cells in the laboratory (by the immunologist Dr. Terry Beardsley who discovered the protein 23 years abo in his cancer research).

The isloated and cleaned protein originates form cattle thymus cells. The thymus is the the small gland directly behind the breast bone which produces proteins that are essential for normal T-cell immunity functions. The “T” by the way stands for thymus. Dr. Beardsley has a taken out a patent for his discovery and isolation of the protein.

Our immune system is a complex network of very specific organs, glands and cells, when they function properly they can protect our body from foreign cells such as cancer cells. There are two basic subsystems, the humoral (through bodily fluid) and the cell transmitted system. Each of these systems has its own specific methods of protecting our body from diseases.

The humoral system uses antibodies in a type of “chemical warfare”. B-lymphocytes (which are produced and mature in the bone marrow) are used to produce antibodies that protect us from pathogens. The cell transmitted immune system uses T-lymphocytes (T-cells) as “shock troops”. They are produced in the bone marrow but they mature with the assitance of proteins, which are produced in the thryoid gland. Both components of the immune system must function correctly in order for our body to have an optimal reaction relative to penetrating pathogens. The activities of the T4 lymphocytes (helper cells) are crucial for effective immune reaction and these activties are triggered when the T4 cells detect an antigen (which originates with a penetrating pathogen). When activated, the T4 cell produces interleukin proteins and interferone proteins, which are also referred to as cytokines, these in turn activate or program T8 lymphocytes (killer cells) to find the specific antigens of the invading pathogen and to kill them. In addition due to the activated T4 cells, the antibodies of the B cells are produced more effectively.

Before a T4 cell can detect an antigen and trigger this chain reaction of activities, it must be programmed by a specific thymus protein, whose special task it is to switch on or activate newly formed T4 cells. The thyroid gland produces proteins that program the T-lymphocytes. The importance of this gland has only become known to doctors within the last 20 years. The function of the gland declines with age. In addition, other factors like chemicals, irradiation or chronic illness accelerate the decomposition of the thyroid function.

Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: BioPro should not be viewed as treatment for a specific illness. However it could strengthen the immune system and for this reason it might play a role in preventing future illnesses.

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