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Breuß diet

Rudolf Breuß was a homeopathic practitioner from Bludenz in Austria, who dared to take a stand against the prevailing opinion that cancer patients should not fast. While his “teachers” like Dr. Otto Buchinger were vehement proponents of the 21-day fast, he was of the opinion that the usual 21-days were much too short and that patients should fast for 42-days.  The idea behind this therapy is that during longer fasts the body will get rid of everything that does not belong in it – including tumors. Breuß repeatedly stated that had healed over 1000 cancer patients and thousands of other persons with serious diseases.

I cannot confirm Breuß statements, because I know too few of his patients. On the other hand in my daily work, I frequently meet people who have fasted in accordance with the Breuß therapy and who have truly wonderful things to report. I take this seriously; I do not maintain that the many people who highly praise this therapy are liars. Personally I do not believe in the theory of starving out cancer, but still I must say that again and again I find patient reports that are extremely positive, and they including the curing of cancer.

Total cancer cure according to Rudolf Breuß

Ingredients for a fresh-pressed juice mixture of 500 ml daily:

3/5 red beets (300g)

1/5 carrots (100g)

1/5 celery roots (100g)

Add a little radish and a potato the size of an egg. All vegetables should be pressed through a juice extractor and the juice should be poured through a fine tea sieve or linen cloth.

After waking drink ½ cup of kidney tea slowly. 30-60 minutes later drink 1-2 cups of sage tea with St. John’s wort, peppermint, and melissa. 30-60 minutes later take some vegetable juice and do not swallow it immediately but move it around in your mouth! 15-30 minutes later take a small swallow again and repeat the process up to 15 times.

At noon drink ½ cup of kidney tea, and then depending how you feel, take a small swallow of vegetable juice at any time.

Before sleeping drink kidney tea again but only for the first three weeks. Complete instructions are available in the book: The Breuss Cancer Cure: Advice on the Prevention and Natural Treatment of Cancer, Leukemia, and other Seemingly Incurable Diseases.

Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: With his therapy Breuß adheres to the highest principle of traditional medicine, which is not to harm the patient. From the energy perspective it certainly helps the patient at the beginning of his 42-days. I am not sure of its effects over the entire period; at least this could be a significant problem for many patients. Even if I do not back it personally, the starving out theory is an interesting approach that can even be found in Indian medicine.

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