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Budwig theory
Why does the Oil-Protein Diet work?
(Extract from the book: The great cookbook and textbook of the Oil-Protein Diet)
In order to understand the Oil-Protein Diet, one has to go into the depths of physics or better understand what Dr Budwig understood by evolution, nature, life, growth and electrons. In her books, but also in conversations with me, she gave various explanations as to what cancer is and how the best therapy for it looks like. However, these explanations serve not only to better understand cancer, but diseases in general.

Changes in our cell membranes and the adverse effect on our mitochondria caused by wrong fats can not only produce cancer, but are the root cause of many diseases. Just think about diabetes. More than 90% of all diabetics (Mellitus 2) have sufficient insulin production, but unfortunately insulin does not work properly on cell membranes. Instead of thinking about why the cell membranes do not take the insulin already available, pharmaceutical companies prefer to develop artificial insulins, which can transport sugars better through the membranes. But the diabetes does not go away, though it is more controllable. The solution here would logically be a change of the membranes by the right fats.

When I studied the many (thank you) letters to Dr Budwig, I noticed that some patients thanked her not only for their recovery from cancer, but also from time to time that they (diabetics) not need insulin anymore. At that time, these connections were not so clear to me as they are today, and Dr Budwig had to explain everything to me at the most.

Today I am strongly of the opinion that the Oil-Protein Diet, in addition to cancer and four other diseases, could help more quickly and effectively than many established therapies. In the case of diabetes, changes in the cell membrane and in the case of coronary diseases (heart diseases) that are caused by the higher energy inflow to the heart. In depression or manic-depression and in epileptics due to the changes in brain metabolism. Regarding epilepsy, Dr Budwig had personal experiences and wrote in her book “The Fat Syndrome”:

“The appearance of the epileptic attack provides clear features for oxygen deficiency and unnatural degradation of the brain matter. If a trauma is the cause of the disease, the conditions will be different from that of the epilepsy without an externally recognizable cause. The clear symptoms at the onset gave me reason to do the dietary therapy on 25 epileptics. We saw many good effects. The exact continuation failed due to the fact that the entire conversion of the diet to an institution with large pig breeding was uncomfortable and encountered resistance. The good results were evident, even if a lot of time was required. In the application of my nutritional therapy, e.g. in the case of cancer patients, that is, in the proper care of these patients with the biologically high-quality fats and protein substances, the extraordinarily strong beneficial influence on the psyche, in the psychical constitution of these patients, often became clear in a few days. One spoke in the clinic of my strong psychotherapeutic ability.

They wanted to bring the impressive, undeniable improvement of these patients to this denominator. I do not believe so much that the psychotherapeutic factor was crucial. Of course, the right doctor always needs to be with such patients, who, when they were handed over to me, almost always knew that they were suffering from an incurable cancer, also a kind word. It would, however, be a sad mark for our doctors, if this word were so absent in our medical profession that this alone would have made my patients healthy. Rather, the supply of the fats, the nerves and the brain of which are so urgently required that the supply of this food so quickly affected people that, in the truest sense of the term, they breathed within a few days, felt relieved, and felt a certain amount of relaxation of the nerves clearly. This is not the case with cancer patients. On the contrary, cancer is the most extreme case of exhaustion.”

These findings coincide with mine. In recent years, too, I have often been able to observe the positive effects of the Oil-Protein Diet on the psyche. If, for example, new findings of epilepsy and depression research confirm the influence of targeted nutrition in these diseases, then one understands much better that Dr Budwig was on the right track.

It would explain the scope of this book by far to clarify this in detail. My personal experience, coupled with the much more extensive experience of Dr Budwig’s, however, clearly show that in these diseases the Oil-Protein Diet can help much more quickly than in cancer and, above all, relatively quickly to produce measurable results. Especially in the case of diabetes and cardiac diseases; one is not so dependent on the additional cooperation of the patient as in cancer and therefore one can produce fast positive results.

And, yes, there would not be interests of powerful pharmaceutical companies that earn billions with beta blockers and insulin. According to my experience with conventional oncology, I see it null that there will ever be any studies here. If, however, you are a diabetic or epileptic or suffer from depression or heart disease, then I can put the oil and protein diet to heart.

And how does cancer develop?

For this purpose, Dr Budwig gives explanations on the energetic and the physiological level. Let us first consider the simple physiological explanation.

Dr Budwig found that blood tests of cancer patients have less phospholipids. For Dr Budwig, this was the explanation for the fact that pathologists in cancer cells repeatedly changed and / or found an increased number of chromosomes, since the cells begin to divide, but do not create complete cell division since there are not enough phospholipids.

At Dr Budwig’s time there was no genetics as it is today and, of course, she did not know of telomeres (ends of the chromosomes). But today we know that genes such as the p53 play an important role in cancer and that cells can only finally die if these telomeres are short enough. However, telomeres can only be shortened by complete cell division, and it can also be explained that tumors can grow rapidly without the mitotic rate (cell division rate) of cancer cells being accelerated, but only by the fact that old cells cannot die.

Based on the knowledge on the lack of phospholipids and the resulting lower oxygen transport and negative influence on our hemoglobin in the body, Dr Budwig found out that when she administered lipoproteins to patients, the blood values significantly changed or improved. For this purpose, she tested different lipoproteid mixtures and finally found that a combination of flaxseed oil, milk and quark achieved the best results. Flaxseed oil is exceptional in that the high content of linolenic acids with three double bonds and two electron clouds is extremely more reactive than any other oil on our planet and can therefore deliver much better energy than other oils. And quark is a supplier of sulfur-containing amino acids such as cysteine or methionine and consumes little digestive energy in combination with milk, which not only balances the amino acid profile of flaxseed but also stabilizes the lipoprotein.

By using this lipoprotein, Dr Budwig succeeded in doing something that the Nobel laureate Dr. Otto Warburg had failed many years before, namely to prove that improved oxygen transport, even in cancer cells, is quite possible. With today’s possibilities of the internet or the position of women in our society, this would surely have led to a Nobel Prize and the Oil-Protein Diet would have developed into something very big. However, all this took place in the 1950s and led to the following challenges:

1. A woman claims to have found a solution to the big problem of cancer.

Even today, women are not particularly recognized in science and have little chance of advancement. Look at the list of chemistry and physics Nobel laureates in recent years, and you will not find a single woman. And if you go back to 1952, you might guess why a woman could not be heard, no matter how awesome she was.

2. Cancer cells do not have to be killed but are to be divided.

In conventional medicine, the opinion remains that cancer cells are something bad and must necessarily be killed. However, this was not always the case, and 50 years ago there was also discussion in conventional medicine as to whether cancer cells could not return to being healthy cells or die a natural death

However, powerful interests of the pharmaceutical industry have succeeded in the fact that at all universities unfortunately the fairy tale of evil cancer cells, which can no longer be transformed, is still being taught, and worse still, in the heads of almost all doctors. And when American researchers such as Dr. Illmensee or Dr. Leroy Stevens prove that this is not the case with cancer cells or gene mutation as it is taught at universities, then these studies are quickly relaunched. And even a German university professor such as Michael Ristow, who showed with his Frataxin studies in Jena and Potsdam in 2006, that the metabolism of cancer cells can be strongly influenced (reversible), is ignored, because it cannot be what may not be.

In the meantime, I no longer believe that anything will change in the coming decades, because far too many people benefit from the existing system and there are simply too few reasons to change this. And whether we like it or not, people’s health is unfortunately not so far ahead in the prudential medicine as we would like. It is therefore up to us to take things into our own hands. And thank God you are one of those, otherwise you would not read my book.

3. A diet can cure cancer

In the 1950s, there were actually only two cancer therapies, surgery and irradiation. But two more were to establish themselves, chemotherapy and various nutritional therapies like the Oil-Protein Diet, the Gerson therapy or the Kuhl therapy. But unfortunately, people such as Dr Budwig, Dr. Gerson or Dr. Kuhl as personalities were not exactly good team players. As a result, it was very easy for lobbyists to implement the therapies where they could earn money quickly and easily. And, unfortunately, there were no politicians at the time who were working for things rather than for parties. And so it came about that only chemotherapy as a third form of therapy prevailed.

If you take a closer look at all three reasons, you can easily understand that the Oil-Protein Diet could never get through as it really deserved. Dr Budwig, too, unfortunately did not help the Oil-Protein Diet spread as it would certainly have earned it. She was a courageous fighter of the cause, but the word diplomacy was completely lacking in her vocabulary. Partially, I can understand their behavior well, because sometimes I’m just like them. If you want to help other people and then are permanently hostile from them, you lose the pleasure on some days. If you want to achieve great things in the world, then I think it is only possible through diplomacy, because the others have the right to their point of view. Just by good arguments, unfortunately, only a few people can be convinced of one thing.

And that is still valid today, I can see in the last years all over the world. How many times have I met in my life with geniuses who had or had found incredibly successful or promising cancer therapies, and because of this, nobody knows them because the protagonist is completely ignorant of the word “diplomacy”? Over the years I have therefore gained the insight that the old sentence “genius and madness are close to each other” is quite justified.

The energetic point of view the Oil-Protein Diet:
For me the success of the Oil-Protein Diet is actually only from an energetic, or one could also say from a physical, point of view explainable. Unfortunately, physics is not even close to the value of chemistry or biology in medicine, which I consider to be tragic, because physics, in my opinion, offers much better explanatory patterns for oncology than most other faculties.

In contrast to Dr Budwig, I try to explain with the next few lines as simply as possible how the Oil-Protein Diet works and why the Oil-Protein Diet is such a great help in cancer.

Life battery fat and protein

We all know batteries and they have a plus and a minus pole. And we also know that batteries need to be unloaded and recharged. This is exactly how it is with us humans. Our “life battery” has to be recharged permanently and this is done by:

1. Daylight (Not sunlight!)

2. Food

1. Daylight

In physics, the question whether light comes from particles or waves is still a far-reaching question. The topic of electrons also belongs to this. Electrons are negatively charged elementary particles and were first detected in 1897 by the British Joseph John Thomson. Dr Budwig joined Max Planck’s and Werner Heisenberg’s opinions, and both of them were a concept of matter and energy at the same time. This means that electrons can emit or absorb energy and are thereby always surrounded by an electromagnetic field. Dr Budwig says: “The electrons are enormously different in their charges, their energy levels, the wavelengths and their energetic shape.” An electron wave important to the Oil-Protein Diet is sunlight. The physicist L. de Broglie called sunlight the purest form of the electromagnetic field and for Dr Budwig, sunlight was “The fastest, the finest form of inertia and charge freed in the totality of the phenomena of energy.”

This sounds very complicated and quite incomprehensible to a non-physicist. How-ever, Dr Budwig wanted to express the importance of daylight and sunlight for our lives. Dr Budwig: “The resonance absorption of the vital photomicrography of the solar electrons is disturbed when the human being removes the electron-rich systems, which are crucial for the resonance, from the food.” For non-physicists, this sentence means that, above all, chemicals, preservatives, livestock fattening, artificial radiation, etc., of the electron richness of our food or the electromagnetic environment of humans is modified so badly that cancer can arise. I do not want to go deeper into these really interesting questions, but it has a certain importance for the Oil-Protein Diet when it comes to better explaining why it can help sick people.

Dr Budwig writes: “The new finding states that man is not only impeding the absorption of oxygen, breathing, when he incorporates un-biological fats in place of the high-saturated fat; he also impedes the absorption of the sun’s electrons. Light and air are of central and fundamental importance for the function of life. The high-saturate fats are decisively effective in the autoxidation in the living substrate. This has been proven and emphasized since 1952. These electron-rich fats have now been recognized as “halophilic” substances which are important in the living substrate for the orderly recording, storage and utilization of the solar energy essential for all life.” Dr Budwig describes here the level of importance that we humans are dependent on the electrons of the sun and that their absorption is possible only if we eat the right fats. Further, she says: “The” radiation “with the electrons of the sun provides the best life force for the cancer patients. This “irradiation” is sufficient and is highly effective when the halophilic electrons are present in the living molecule in the form of the highly saturated fats. These regulate the absorption of light and air and the electromotive force for the vital function, which counteracts in its electron-rich dipolar basis of the entropy.”

I “translate” these words into a simpler language. What Dr Budwig says here is nothing more than the description of how important daylight is to our health. It is not enough to absorb electrons only through food, but it is important that we feed ourselves so that our cells are able to absorb and process the light coming from the sun. Beware, the word light here is somewhat confusing, because in my opinion one should say solar radiation or cosmic radiation, as long as there is no clear definition for the word light. For the sake of simplicity, however, I will continue to use the word light. But rather the opposite occurs. The more sickly someone is, the sooner he is “in the house”, which can be a catastrophic mistake. Especially when people are already in a very late stage of the illness, they are often not able to eat enough and good advice is then very difficult. In such cases, I have learned from Dr Budwig to concentrate on the following three points:

1. ELDI oils as whole body rubbings and if possible as enemas

2. Only freshly squeezed juices and distributed as food throughout the day if possible the breakfast cereal in different variants

3. Stay outside as much as possible

I have been able to experience with these three relatively simple measures how extremely weak people recovered. I remember a woman who called me and asked if she could talk to me shortly before a lecture. I agreed, and an hour before my lecture, she came together with her wheelchair-mounted over 80-year-old mother, who was suffering from breast cancer with liver metastases and had only little life energy. She could hardly speak for herself, and the daughter told me that the mother was no longer hungry and she ate almost nothing. I suggested to carry out the three measures mentioned above for a week, and then report back to me. Then for about 2 months I heard nothing more and had actually almost forgotten the two. Until I got a phone call from the daughter that told me that her mother was cutting roses in the garden. On my request, she told me that the mother started to eat again within two weeks and that she could go back a little after four weeks. You could see every day how she became better and better with her and she wanted me to explain what to do next.

I have been able to see in my life how Dr Budwig’s theoretical considerations work when put to practice, if indeed, if they are consistently carried out. If you could experience such a case yourself, and how quickly it can be better for a seriously ill person, you can see Dr Budwig’s words in a very different light.

But other great researchers had also dealt with the subject of light long before Dr Budwig. For example, the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner wrote, about 50 years earlier: “There is a fundamental being of our material existence of the earth, of which all materiality has come only through condensation. Every matter on earth is condensed light! There is nothing in material existence, which is something else than condensed light in some form. Wherever you go and feel matter, you have condensed light everywhere. Compressed light. Matter is light by its very nature. In as much as a man is a material being, he is woven of light. ”

Rudolf Steiner and Dr Budwig have pointed out in their writings over and over again the importance of light and that we humans are now heliotropes, who need light and use light. But I have nowhere else than with Dr Budwig so clearly and understandably read, WHY this is and above all, how the charging of the life battery works and / or what importance mainly the linolenic acid or electron clouds play.

Because it is so important, I would like to repeat here again: The sicklier someone is, the more he should be in the open!

2. Food

Although for me the Oil-Protein Diet is the most important nutritional therapy, I am also a great friend of the Gerson Diet or the Raw Food diet. The reason for this is relatively simple, because in recent years, on my research trips, I met many people that have become healthy through one of these therapies. Therefore, I do not have to believe whether these are successful or not, I KNOW IT.

If you now look at Gerson, raw food and the Oil-Protein Diet, you will find little common ground, and the theories behind it are quite distant. But all three therapies have one thing in common: they pay attention to the supply of electrons. Raw food and Gerson by the extremely high proportion of raw food and Budwig by flaxseed oil.

Together they have the effect that the absorption of the cosmic radiation, ie the absorption of the solar energy in the cell membranes, increases extremely. Maybe this is the secret why these three nutritional therapies are so successful. As a result, the energetic environment on the physical and mental level changes significantly – and as a result cancer cells! Dr Budwig wrote, “Tumor formation occurs as follows: In the parts in the organism, where many growth processes usually take place, this is the skin and mucous membrane part, which are the gland organs, which lead to the internal Epithelium, to which inner skin belong, such as liver, pancreas, or the glands in the stomach and intestine, the growth processes come to rest. The direction of growth is disturbed, because the bipolarity is abolished by the lack of the unsaturated fats. The surface-active fats are missing, the substance remains without the cells fully maturing and repelled. I say with all the emphasis: It is incorrect to interpret the problem of growth as a proliferation, as too much growth, and to use growth-inhibiting means and methods.”

This last sentence is for me the most important thing Dr Budwig has ever written. In one sentence, she describes the complete problematics of the entire oncology to this day. Cancer is not a problem of the proliferation and thus growth-inhibiting means such as chemotherapies and irradiations are wrong or do not solve the problem of oncology. This in my opinion builds an entire faculty of medicine to a false theoretical.

And it is no surprise that there has been almost no progress for more than 50 years. Oncology is even condemned to be able to make any progress in the future, since the underlying theory is completely wrong. In summary, Dr Budwig’s words indicate that the treatment of cancer is not about killing cancer cells, but quite the opposite. The purpose of a cancer therapy is to bring the body into an improved energetic state. Only in this way is the body able to bring the changed cells back into a “normal cell division” and thus also initiate “normal cell death”.

Thus, our two-pole nature consists of the electrically positively charged nucleus and the electrically negatively charged, highly unsaturated fatty acids in the cell membrane. If now a pole is disturbed, no matter which, then there are logically problems with the recharging. In the Oil-Protein Diet, mainly flaxseed oil is discussed, but high-quality protein plays an important role as well. It is not enough to buy only good flaxseed oil, but the entire food must be biologically, that is electron, rich. In simple terms, one could also say that cancer cannot develop in an oxygen-rich environment. Flax oil has two or three highly energetic double bonds. These influence all inner and outer cell membranes and ensure a highly effective oxygen transport.

I would like to add something to Dr Budwig. The recharging of our energetic household is dependent on solar energy and electron clouds, but the circulation or the distribution of this energy in our body is determined to a large extent. It is up to you, for what you consume as energy. In other words, the better you are able to consume unnecessarily energy through stress, the greater your chance of remaining healthy or unhealthy. The views of the German researcher Waltraud Fryda, in her standard work: “Adrenaline deficiency as a cause of cancer development” very nicely describes how stress leads to an adrenaline deficiency and is thus caused by the disturbed harmony with insulin cancer.

I have conducted more than 10,000 conversations with mostly final cancer patients and can only confirm that Dr Budwig and Dr. Fryda with their respective approaches were so right. Cancer and stress sit in a boat and the disturbed energy budget as I could discuss with almost every patient within a very short time. What makes the whole subject more difficult is the different definitions of the word stress and the different perceptions of the patient, because sometimes even extremely stressed people feel no stress. But over many years I have learned to ask the right questions and get a feel for this topic. In my 3E-program, therefore, anti-stress techniques play a major role because how good can the the best diet help when somebody immediately empties the newly charged life battery with a stressful environment.

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