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Carnivora is the pressed juice from the carnivorous plant, Venus fly trap (Dionaea muscipula). For more than 20 years the physician Dr. Helmut Keller has been researching this field. In Germany many doctors are familiar with carnivora, either through the press or because they have used it themselves. In 1983 the German Federal Health Office (Bundesgesundheitsamt)  prohibited carnivora. Although Dr. Keller was able to prove that he could prevent contamination through endotoxins (fragments of bacterial membranes) in future production, Carnivora was never properly marketed again.

In his book: Handbook of Holistic Cancer Therapy, Dr. Keller, ascribes this to his own naiveté in dealing with government agencies. This is certainly a sad story, because Dr. Keller spent a lot of money in order to prove how successfully Carnivora can kill cancer cells, without having the same side effects as chemotherapy.

In one study it was shown that Carnivora T406 and GW27 can prevent tumor cells (glioma cells) from growing. In an additional study an antiproliferative effect (anti-tumor effect) was demonstrated for sarcoma 180 cells. In August 1995 Professor D.K. Todorov from the university of Sofia in Bulgaria was  even able to prove that Carnivora had a tumor inhibiting effect for 0-342/DDP cells, which were immune to Cisplatin. Here you must know that Cisplatin for instance is the standard medication for fallopian tube cancer and has extremely serious side effects. However Carnivora was prohibited because slight chills and fever were produced with this therapy.  In this case as well we can clearly see what a difference there is if a pharmaceutical company is behind an approval process, or whether just a “simple oncologist” is behind the approval process. While the list of Cisplatin’s side effects is pages long and extremely serious irreversible side effects must be taken into account, this medication is not only approved, but it is considered to be the standard treatment for different types of cancer – while Carnivora was prohibited due to light side effects.

Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: I first became acquainted with Dr. Keller when he started work as senior physician with Dr. Douwes in the St. Georg Clinic. From there he moved to the Winnerhof Clinic, which was closed at the end of 1999. Today he works in Mexico and is trying to establish Carnivora in North America. In recent years I have personally become acquainted with many of Dr. Keller’s patients who have all assured me that they would not be alive without Dr. Keller. Here however you must be aware that Dr. Keller usually employs many therapies, and not just Carnivora.

More information is available at: www.carnivora.com

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