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Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine

These days, whoever writes about Dr. Hamer runs the risk of being thrown into the same pot with the “greatest quack in oncology”; particularly since Dr. Hamer was arrested again 2004 in Spain and was extradited to France. The official reason given by the French government for his arrest, as stated in the warrant, is: “Incitement against allopathy and instigation to new medicine, with the objective of practice”.

Unofficially however, totally different things are involved, because if the same “legal charges” were brought against all people, then thousands of authors, including myself, and hundreds of therapists would also be immediately imprisoned. You can tell how important this issue is by the fact that not a single mass media (TV, print media, etc.) in all of Europe was brave enough to report it. In contrast to 1997 when Dr. Hamer was first incarcerated, that time in Germany, now there are thousands of healed patients, and more importantly, supporters of Dr. Hamer. Negative reports in the mass media would have resulted in the exact opposite This is why the “tactic of ignorance” is being used, as it has been used in many other cases. This is the same tactic that has functioned perfectly for decades in allopathic practice. Or can you think of any other reason why your family doctor has never heard of the successful cancer therapies that can be found in the world?

Without wanting to rank myself above Dr. Hamer, I must say that up to this point I have only met a few people who have really studied the theory of New Medicine intensively. (By the way since 2004 Dr. Hamer has called his therapy, German New Medicine, which I personally consider to be very unfortunate). Usually what is said is that Dr. Hamer is a crackpot, a dreamer, a fraud; however I never hear phrases like: “His 3rd criterion of the iron rule is incorrect because…”. When I visited Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer in his Spanish exile, I found that the man sitting across from me was certainly not a crackpot, rather he was a man who has intensively studied medicine, and oncology in particular. However what impressed me most was becoming acquainted with people who told me that they are still alive thanks to Dr. Hamer. Also impressive is the fact that Dr. Hamer is completely willing to prove his theories under university conditions at any time.

All that would be required to prove or disprove his theories is a university, a few professors, and a few patients, who would have to be interviewed. If all these proceedings were done publicly then we could very easily dismiss Dr. Hamer as a quack. Although Dr. Hamer had already made this offer many times, in recent years the “more convenient path” through the legal system was always pursued. What is it that all doctors are really so afraid of? Permit me to briefly explain Dr. Hamer’s theory and then you will be able to answer the question for yourself.

In Dr. Hamer’s view, cancer, and other disturbances as well, are caused by a biological conflict. The term biological conflict in this regard means a serious, acute, conflict-experience shock for which a person was not prepared. The problem in this regard is that, which may be a conflict for you may mean absolutely nothing to me, and vice versa. This conflict then has impact on the three levels of psyche, brain, and organ. Depending on how a person experiences the conflict, this conflict (the energy) manifests itself in the brain in the form of so-called Hamer Herds, which according to Dr. Hamer can be identified in the CT scan. And this is where the problem comes in. From this point on the organism switches over to permanent sympathicotonia, in English: Constant stress.

Dr. Hamer divides cancer types into groups that belong to the various blastodermic layers: thus ectoderm (external), mesoderm (middle) and entoderm (inner). Depending on the blastodermic layer to which an organ belongs, for example stomach and intestine belong to the entoderm layer, the conflicts cause different tumors or different growth.

There is also a significant difference depending on the phase of the illness in which the tumor is detected. According to Dr. Hamer app. 40% of all tumors are detected in an encapsulated form and should be left alone. A further distinction is whether the patient is a in stage before or after conflict resolution. If you would like to study the theory of New Medicine in detail I recommend the book: Legacy of a New Medicine, volumes 1 and 2 (only in German). Volume 1 is particularly important for those with cancer. You can also read about the theory in detail at the websites, www.newmedicine.ca.

By the way this is not first time that I have been massively attacked just for mentioning Dr. Hamer. However the data that he submits speak for him not against him. Several universities (Vienna, Trnava, Düsseldorf …) have confirmed at least part of his work, and the question remains; why doesn’t somebody publicly discredit him, if it so easy to do so? There are many “official sources” even in the alternative scene, that permanently attack Dr. Hamer, however up to this point no one has been successful in refuting the New Medicine.

On the contrary there are more and more allopathic studies that confirm Dr. Hamer’s ideas, such as the work of Dr. Alexander Friedmann from the University Clinic for Psychiatry in Vienna, a man no one could accuse of being a friend of Dr. Hamer (published in the Medical Tribune No. 8, February 18th 2004). This work deals with the fact that the most serious psychic conflicts, we could also say energetic manifestations, leave visible changes in the brain. The fact that “psychic conflicts” can also been seen in the brain, is slowly but surely being confirmed around the world by more and more brain researchers thanks to functional MRT or double spin echo proton spectroscopy (keyword: brain imaging) – 30 years after Dr. Hamer.

Psyche and body – Dr. Hamer’s discovery?

Of course not; Dr. Hamer has never made this claim. All the same more and more people understand the influence the psyche has on our body. As early as 1701 the English physician Grendon published “Enquiries into nature, knowledge, and cure of cancer”, which dealt with the correlations between psyche and cancer. This study as followed in 1846 by Dr. Walsche in his, “The Nature and Treatment of Cancer” and at the latest when Dr. Snow treated 250 women with cancer in the London Cancer Hospital and described in his book Cancer and the Cancer Process, that more than 200 of these women had noticeable psychic stress, there should really have been more research in this direction. Also the work of Dr. Grossarth Maticek from Heidelberg relative to cancer and psyche clearly shows such a connection.

What really disappoints me is that the turn of the century ushered in the century of psychoanalysis in Europe. Today there are hundreds of thousands of psychologists and psychoanalysts building on the work of Freud, Jung, Adler, Berne, etc., who should be capable of better understanding the correlations between cancer and psyche.

If you carefully read the paragraph on the “because – in spite of” theory, then you will also understand why Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine simply must help in many cases. Two points are conspicuous in this regard. First, he does not injure any patients with his therapy, and thus he naturally supports the self-healing forces. The second and at least equally important point, particularly for cancer patients, is that Dr. Hamer takes the fear away from his patients. As you will yet learn here on this webpage is that fear, or the diagnosis of cancer, often has a more destructive effect than does the tumor itself.

However Dr. Hamer explains their illnesses to his patients, how they can return to health, and what symptoms they will have during the self-healing process. When these symptoms then occur, even if these include new tumors or an ascites (water in the stomach), then his patients gain more and more confidence in their self-healing processes and thus become healthier.

However there are also points where I disagree with Dr. Hamer. One is certainly in the area of nutrition. Doubtless the self-healing processes are the most important, but when we have a tumor in the body, then concurrently we have purely bodily problems such as an increased lactic acid production, and a person with cancer must deal with this. When Dr. Hamer says that what a person eats is absolutely irrelevant, then I can understand this very well within his own explanation structure of the New Medicine. However for persons with cancer this can be very dangerous and a nutrition therapy will at least support the self-healing process, if not trigger it.

A second area where I do not agree concerns the explanation possibilities of the New Medicine. For example, in his book, Dr. Hamer describes that lung cancer has nothing to do with cigarettes. Although in this case as well I completely understand his manner of explanation, the whole contains a very dangerous component in the form of: “If everything is psychological, then from this point on I can immediately smoke, drink, and just eat fast food.” This is certainly an extreme position, and most people would not react this way. However it is a fact that Dr. Hamer does not adequately deal with this point in his works, and this can lead to dangerous misunderstandings.

There is also a big difference in whether a “mortal conflict” encounters a healthy lung or an asbestos or tar lung. At the latest when the tumor is supposed to be decreasing in size, then it is “more than helpful” if well-functioning lung tissue exists Given this argument, which naturally applies to other organs as well, the New Medicine can be harmonized very well with detoxification and healthy nutrition.

Another thing that I cannot understand is why there are no studies of the many Dr. Hamer supporters and Dr. Hamer patients, even of course not done at an university. I have absolutely no doubt that Dr. Hamer can present enough cases and with only 10 cases of healed ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas his adherents could take the wind out of the sails of all doubters.

Moreover I only know a few therapists who would be capable of diagnosing cancer based on a CT scan. Since according to their own statements Dr. Hamer or his students can do this, then it would be quite a simple matter to demonstrate this publicly. This would certainly also be legally feasible, and nobody can hide behind the words, “But I would be arrested”.

Read more about Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine by reading a book.

The New Medicine approach to therapy:

Conflict resolution and explanation of the development of the illness.

Additional information: Dr. Hamer died on July 2, 2017, and I believe that the New Medicine has improved. More and more people are writing books and articles about New Medicine and also the increasingly used name: The 5 laws of nature instead of New Medicine certainly contribute to the fact that the New Medicine comes out more and more of the terrible corner in which it was due to the catastrophic political views of Dr. Hamer and many of his followers. In the meantime there are many other therapy directions that are based on Dr. Hamer, such as Meta-Medicine, biological decoding, Holo-Medicine etc.

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