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Dries Diet

In 1997 I met Jan Dries for the first time at a cancer conference in London, where he gave a presentation on his nutrition therapy. It mainly consists of dividing certain food groups into 7 different categories and mixing them according to certain plan.

Here raw foods, particularly fruits from warmer climates, play a significant role, because according to Jan Dries, the important thing about food is how many biophotons we ingest. In other words, he says calories are not important, what is important is whether or not we absorb enough light. According to his theory, matter in our body is built-up through light, and also perfect cellular communication can only take place if sufficient light is in the body, absorbed through daylight and through food.

I absolutely agree with this opinion, as other researchers (Dr. Budwig, for example) have reported in detail about this aspect of nutrition or light. According to Dries you can categorize food into the following groups ordered according to biophotons:

Group I:

Pineapples, avocados, raspberries, honeydew melon, pollen, comb honey.

Group II:

Blueberries, kiwi, cherries, persimmons, apricots, melons, hog plums, papaya, almonds, mushrooms, honey.

Group III:

Red and black currents, strawberries, lychees, passion fruit, red and green grapes, peaches, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat, sprouts, liquid brewer’s yeast.

Group IV:     

Bananas, gooseberries, green melons, Brazil nuts, coconut, vegetables, dairy products.

Group V:

Oranges, mandarins, apples, pears, plums, and grapefruit, (these fruits are viewed as supplements).

Group VI:

This group mainly consists of different vegetables.

Group VII:

Avocados, nuts, and seeds of any kind are the best suppliers of fat because they contain fat in an organic structure.

For whoever would like to know about this I recommend the book: Lebensmittel richtig kombinieren (Combining Food correctly). ISBN 3-926453-89-3. In addition the more interesting book for cancer patients is available in English: The Dries Cancer Diet – ISBN: 1862040923.

Where can I get the therapy?

Check here to the docs.cancer-whisperer.com page

Read more about Dries Diet by reading a book.

The Dries Cancer Diet: A Practical Guide to the Use of Fresh Fruit and Raw Vegetables in the Treatment of Cancer by Jan Dries (1997-09-03)

Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: I have personally become acquainted with two of Mr. Dries’ patients who said that they were alive because of Mr. Dries. Unfortunately I  have no meaningful data, thus I cannot say much about the Dries diet. However I value his approaches dealing with the importance of light.

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