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Galvano Therapy – Bio-Electro-Therapy

Although cancer treatment with galvanic currents is far more widespread in China today than it is in Germany, it is a European to whom we owe gratitude for this therapy, Dr. Rudolf Pekar from Bad Ischl in Austria. Pekar was already known as the patent holder for “Obtaining vaccines for an immune therapy” when he discovered that he could render tumor cells harmless with direct current.

First he started to reverse the polarity of tumors in the bodies of mice with direct current and then he started treating the first patients. Today this therapy is even used in the form of an electro-chemotherapy, i.e. in conjunction with chemotherapy.

According to Dr. Pekar, who I personally met first time on his 88th birthday, he had major success with malignant melanomas (skin cancer), mamma carcinoma (breast cancer), prostrate carcinomas, spinaliomas, lymphomas, and tumors in the genital area. Also, bio-electro-therapy should be considered instead of an operation where tumors sit directly on the skin.

In the therapy two platinum wire electrodes are introduced directly into the tumor, or into surrounding tissue, or in the case of melanomas, platinum platelets as electrodes are placed on the skin. Then a weak direct current flows between both electrodes, which reverses the polarity of the cancer cells in the tumor tissue and allows the cancer cells to die.

The idea behind this therapy is that tumor cells are negatively charged, and consequently in the treatment they are attracted with direct current by the positive electrode. The current then works on each individual cell of the tumor tissue directly on the cell membrane and induces the repolarization of each cell. Afterwards macrophages can again recognize the cancer cells, which previously hid themselves, so to speak, behind an excess negative charge. In addition, the surrounding tissue becomes highly acidic (pH value 4-5) which likewise reduces the survival chances of cancer cells.

However, Dr. Pekar is aware that cancer is a systemic event and that destruction of the tumor is only a small part of the treatment. Consequently he recommends the following therapy to his patients, in addition:

*          No meat, no foods containing carbohydrates, no sugar (also no real sweet fruit). Instead daily in any sequence:

*          Quark, mixed with vegetable oil (flaxseed oil is even better)

*          Sauerkraut (raw or cooked), sauerkraut juice

*          Brewer’s yeast mixed with yoghurt

*          The juice of two lemons, taken proportionally in herbal tee

*          Onions, garlic, mustard

*          Red beet juice

*          2 almonds daily

*          A+E Mulsin, 10–15 drops daily

*          Vitamin C as an effervescent tablet

*          Selenium, magnesium, beta carotene as tablets

*          Jodonorm tablets, 1 tablet, three times a week.


Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: Galvano-therapies are certainly an interesting approach for tumor destruction. This is why an increasing number of physicians and homeopathic practitioners are using this therapy in Germany. For me it was very interesting to note that 20 years ago Dr. Pekar still advised his patients to have operations, and in summarizing his more than 50 years of work as an oncologist he said, that today in most cases he would no longer advise an operation, because he frequently could see that particularly women with breast cancer lived much longer if they did not have an operation. (Now other therapists also represent this opinion).

I do not want to hide the fact that in the meantime I have become acquainted with patients who experienced rapid tumor growth after several galvano-therapies. It is hard for me to evaluate whether this growth was exclusively stimulated by the galvano-therapy. At the outset I would not exclude the possibility that tumors “defend themselves” against this treatment, particularly after several galvano-therapy sessions.

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