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Gerson Diet

Dr. Max Gerson (1881–1959) was one of the pioneers in the area of nutrition and disease. As early as 1929 the famous doctor Ferdinand Sauerbruch introduced the Gerson diet as a “breakthrough in the treatment of TBC patients”. At that time Sauerbruch published a study in which 446 of 450 patients were able to be healed permanently.

Dr. Gerson, who cured Helene Schweitzer (the wife of Albert Schweitzer) of TB, emigrated to the USA in 1933. When Gerson died in 1959, Albert Schweitzer wrote: “For me he is one the greatest geniuses in the history of medicine. Those who he has healed, bear witness to the correctness of his ideas”.

“There is no cancer in a normal metabolism”, wrote Max Gerson, and this was also the basic principle of his therapy. It is only possible for cancer cells to grow abnormally if the liver, the spleen, and other parts of our immune system, are disturbed. Thus in order to treat cancer successfully the highest priority is placed on getting the disturbed metabolism back on the right track. This is accomplished through intensive detoxification and introducing important nutrients through a low-fat, salt-free diet. Although this sounds easy at first, in practice it requires considerable effort, since introducing the important enzymes, vitamins, and minerals mainly involves the patient drinking fresh-squeezed/pressed juice every hour (thirteen times a day) and having a coffee enema several times a day (see coffee enemas in the chapter on detoxification).

Gerson reached the conviction that many patients died because their liver was not able to eliminate all the waste substances which had accumulated in the body through the intensive enzyme therapy. In addition, patients are given thyroid preparations, potassium, liver extracts, beta-carotene, and other antioxidants. Meat is completely prohibited in the first weeks. Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese are also given. For Max Gerson the aim of his therapy was to restore the balance between sodium and potassium in the cell. Normally the liver, the brain, and the muscle cells must have higher potassium values. This is not the case with cancer patients. Consequently the Gerson diet is rich in potassium and it is virtually sodium-free.

Max Gerson was also concerned about increased oxygen metabolism in the cells. In his therapy this is done by introducing oxidizing enzymes through juices, fruits, and liver extracts. A remission of the tumor can be expected as soon as detoxification starts, the liver again produces enough enzymes, and a sodium-potassium balance is reached. As described above, the basis of the therapy is fresh-pressed juices and coffee enemas. Please be aware that you will require help, as this is quite strenuous.

If you have carefully read the cancer theories, then you will readily understand why Gerson’s views were so revolutionary and successful. With his views on potassium and sodium he was many years ahead of his time.

The Gerson Therapy is not possible if you have just gone through a chemotherapy. Thus do not start this therapy on your own, without instruction.

As the research director of the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine in 1999, I had the opportunity to personally witness the effectiveness of the Gerson therapy. Our team investigated more than 30 cases and documented them for a Best Case Series, in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by the National Cancer Institute in the USA. Moreover, I know many patients in Germany and in England who survived thanks to the Gerson therapy. I do not want to hide the fact that the Gerson therapy demands a lot of effort; it is a full-time job to make 13 fresh-squeezed/pressed juices per day, and to perform 6 coffee enemas. On the other hand it is also a full-time job to undergo chemotherapy.


Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: The Gerson therapy has certainly helped many people. I know a few of these people personally and I have no doubt whatsoever concerning the effectiveness of the therapy. Because it is becoming increasingly difficult to get biological fruit, unfortunately the effectiveness of the therapy is somewhat reduced, and this point is one of the crucial factors for its success.

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