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Govallo’s VG 1000

The Russian immunologist Dr. Valentine I. Govallo found that cancer has a unique characteristic, which enables it to avoid or prevent attacks from the human immune system. He discovered that this particular factor is present in the placenta, which surrounds the fetus, and he developed a vaccine from the blood of the placenta (which he removed immediately after birth). He uses this vaccine to strengthen the body’s immune system so that it can better master the cancer and the cancer’s defense mechanisms.

Cancer immunologists have always assumed that if the immune system can be stimulated in a specific manner, this stimulation could stop the cancer or possibly even reverse it.

In Dr. Govallo’s view this is because cancer has a unique immunological characteristic. This is why cancer is usually successful in withstanding the attacks of the human immune system. Dr. Govallo, who has published more than 250! scientific articles, and written more than 20 books, was the director of the Laboratory for Clinical Immunology of the Moscow Medical Institute. Over the years he discovered that after miscarriage, many women had a problem in the general dismantling of the fetal placental immune system – caused by environmental toxins. Dr. Govallo’s therapy is based on his understanding of how the fetus communicates with its mother (on the immunological level).

Even if babies are totally dependent on their mothers, the fetus still has a primitive immune system with features that deviate very slightly from the mother’s immune system. The immune system of the fetus and that of the mother are practically in a competition with each other. It sounds almost unbelievable but the immune system of the mother could consider the fetus as a foreign protein and eliminate it. Under normal conditions the fetus however is not rejected, because its placental immune system is capable of blocking or bypassing the local immune system of the mother.

A miscarriage occurs because the immune system of the mother recognizes the antigens of the father in the fetus. Because her immune system assumes that a foreign invader is involved the fetus is rejected. Environmental toxins that are especially prevalent in Russia, exacerbate this problem, because the immune system of the mother is increasingly stressed with external proteins and materials and thus the fetus is subjected to even greater hazards. For Dr. Govallo this knowledge was an important part of the solution to the cancer problem. It became clear to him that just as the placenta produces “factors” to ensure that the baby is not rejected by the mother, in the same manner a tumor could also be capable of outfoxing the immune system, by using a type of immunological protection mechanism. To prevent a rejection through the immune system of the carrier, the tumor uses the same technique employed by the fetus.

Today scientists know that tumors produces “defense factors”, and proteins are involved in some of these factors, which, so to speak, are stored by the tumor after it comes into contact with the immune system of the “host”. For example a form of the tumor protein can switch off the activities of the natural killer cells (NKC). The secretion of these defense factors involves a mechanism with which the tumor cell gains an advantage relative to the anti-tumor reactions of the “host”. Consequently tumor cells are capable of fending off the counter-attacks of the immune system.

Thus the cancer has found a way to switch-off the host’s immune system, like a burglar can switch-off the alarm system of a house. This could be the reason for the biological survival capability of the tumor. If the cancer’s protective shield can be successfully penetrated, then the body should be able to neutralize the growth of the tumor, or even destroy it.

The healthy human placenta contains factors that are capable of suppressing the defense system of malignant cells. The vaccine produced by Dr. Govallo from the placenta makes it possible to “uncover” the tumor. Govallo’s vaccine is produced from the placenta tissue immediately after the birth of a baby. The most active parts of the placenta extract are used in order to neutralize the protective defense factor (which is produced by the primary tumor). This is why the treatment is referred to as IPT (Immuno-Placental Therapy). The vaccine really became known however as VG 1000.

Dr. Govallo warns every patient and treating physician that if the tumor is destroyed too quickly, then large quantities of toxins are released in the body, which in turn are capable of killing the patient. This is referred to as a tumor lysis syndrome. The killed-off tumor cells are absorbed in the blood and in the lymph channels and must be eliminated from the body. However this can overload the detoxification capacity of the body. This is why the body must be supplied with sufficient nutrients in order to improve its detoxification capacities. In a study with advanced cancer VG 100 demonstrated a survival rate of 77% after 5 years, compared with a 6% survival rate on the basis of other immunotherapeutic procedures. Quality of life improved for all patients who took VG 1000.

Doctors at Duke University in the USA observed a 50% survival rate over a period ranging from 7-32 months after 25 leukemia patients (mainly children) were given a placenta blood infusion. Even if all 25 patients required bone marrow to replace stem cells, through the use of the placental blood there was a better survival rate compared to that offered by a standard bone marrow transplant. Through VG 1000 recipient and donor were better suited to each other (New England Journal of Medicine – July 1966).


Where can I get the therapy?

Check here to the docs.cancer-whisperer.com page

Read more about Govallo’s VG 1000 by reading a book.
Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: People against Cancer personnel were in Moscow several times with American patients to obtain VG 1000 from Dr. Govallo. I personally know the wonderful case of a man who already had a scheduled operation for bladder cancer, and who received a VG 1000 injection 8 days prior to the operation. On the day of the operation no tumor could be found.

Without doubt there are hard facts that speak for Govallo’s therapy and VG 1000 is an option, particularly after an operation. Dr. Govallo’s original therapy consisted of only 2-3 injections. The present manufacturer recommends injecting VG 1000 over a longer period; moreover the manufacturing process has changed. I cannot evaluate the extent to which this impacts the effectiveness.

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