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Hackethal’s Buserelin

Dr. Julius Hackethal was a revolutionary and it is a tragedy that his entire concept of a “healing clinic” no longer exists. Dr. Julius Hackethal has been pursuing an independent path of hormone blockade since 1985, by daily injecting buserelin (suprefact) a so-called hormone blocker (GnRh), in high doses (20-40x higher than recommended). Usually buserelin was given for 6-24 weeks and thereafter for 3-6 months with pauses. I was the first person to examine over 30 successful cases and I have documented 13 cases which clearly demonstrate how successfully Prof. Hackethal was able to treat cancer.

To what extent these results came about because Prof. Hackethal injected Buserelin or were due to his holistic therapy in general, neither I nor anybody else can evaluate. According to Hackethal it was primarily due to the total hormone blockade, others doubt this, as Buserelin contains N-acetyl neuramine acid, in addition to carbohydrates. Thus the biochemist Dr. Klemke says that this acid is split off through enzymes and that naturally the hormonal effect is also lost. His long-time companion Dr. Axel Weber has had his own clinic in Bavaria since 2001, where it possible to have the Buserelin therapy prescribed.


Where can I get the therapy?

Check here to the docs.cancer-whisperer.com page

Read more about Hackethal’s Buserelin by reading a book.
Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: Whether the Buserelin theapy alone results in similar successes as those experienced in the ParkKlinik I cannot answer, the future must show. However there is no question that Professor Hackethal was an absolute anomaly, whose life to the very end represented all that he recommended to his patients. His holistic approach was outstanding and his books helped many people avoid hasty decisions particularly for prostate cancer and breast cancer.

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