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IPT  (Insulin Potentiation Therapy)

The IPT therapy was developed by a Mexican physician, Dr. Perez Garcia, who used insulin to treat syphilis patients 1926. Years later, together with his son, he started to use IPT as cancer therapy as well. The basic theory of the therapy is that insulin followed by a sugar solution helps other medications get into the cells more effectively, and in a more concentrated form. Thus IPT is naturally not a classic cancer therapy, but rather it is used in different areas of medicine.

IPT is used in oncology for different reasons. First naturally to reduce the dose of a chemotherapy, or just to get the toxin into the cancer cells. But the literature also cites, breaking through the blood brain barrier, better detoxification possibilities, or use as an immunomodulator. My experiences with IPT in oncology however are limited to its use as a supporting, cell-destroying therapy. And this poses precisely the greatest challenge for me, because I am not of the opinion that cancer cells should always be destroyed, and certainly not too quickly. However since most patients desire a rapid tumor destruction, I am not surprised that a handful of doctors use this therapy in Germany.

There are many issues surrounding IPT that are still open for me. Thus through IPT greater angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) takes place, different growth hormones are stimulated, the insulin level, which is already high anyway, becomes higher, and particularly cancer cells become even hungrier for sugar. These are just a few of many other arguments that initially speak against IPT.


Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: My personal experiences with IPT are not very extensive. Also the few studies on IPT are not very meaningful for cancer patients, particularly relative to survival time. Nevertheless I see great potential in the direction of fast tumor destruction and I am sure that this therapy one day will also find access to university groups.

Additional information: Do not confuse IPT with IHT (insulin induced hypoglycemic therapy). These are two completely different therapies with conflicting ideas.

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