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Moerman Diet

Dr. Cornelius Moerman was a Dutch physician who was treated as a charlatan in the Netherlands and who was attacked in the meanest manner. His “crime” was describing in detail that cancer was a side-tracked metabolism and that it could be treated through diets and by administering substances that are lacking, like vitamins.

Dr. Moerman experimented a lot with homing pigeons and through these experiments he came to the conclusion that 8 substances played a significant role in their health: Vitamins A, B, E, D, as well as citric acid, iodine, sulfur and iron. The same holds true for humans however with one exception: Vitamin C is not on the list for pigeons because they can produce it themselves.

Moerman has an interesting view of what cancer really is.  You will readily identify elements that are common to the theories of many other scientists:

  1. You must completely separate yourself from the old view which says that the cancerous tumor is of a local nature, and that the tumor is the point of departure for the subsequent course of the illness.
  1. You must become familiar with the new view which states that the entire organism is sick with cancer, before the actual tumor is formed.
  1. You must bear in mind that all the cells of our body – like trees or other plants – can only flourish in a very life-specific medium.
  1. Even in an optimally healthy body, cancer cells occur here and there, which however are eradicated by suppressors, so that tumor formation does not occur.
  1. Because we can get a cancer tumor, the logical conclusion is that this only possible if the person’s health is no longer optimal. Thus first the entire organism gets sick. This inhibits the suppressor in its activities. And at this point only can a cancer tumor occur.
  1. Under no circumstances should a therapist make the body which is already sick, even more sick by administering toxic substances e.g. cytostatic agents. Rather the body’s healthy state must be restored by reactivating the suppressors.
  1. Operative intervention is possible; however it should be not associated with the idea that removal of the tumor, to a certain extent equals removal of the illness. A real improvement in the patient’s condition is achieved exclusively through administration of the 8 substances (iodine, citric acid, yeast = vitamin B complex, iron, sulfur as well as vitamins A, E, C, and D).
  1. Irradiation handicaps the immune system, which is so urgently necessary for the patient’s healing. The immune system must be activated instead of handicapped.

Based on these 8 facts Moerman’s treatment was as follows:

First: The patient is given dietary guidelines, because it is understood that he cannot continue with the cancer-promoting incorrect diet. It is an error to believe that cancer can be healed with the Moerman diet alone. His diet takes replaces a diet with non-whole foods?? (i.e. foods that have been robbed of vital components through chemical or mechanical processes) that provide a boost to the occurrence of cancer.

Second: The healthy state of the entire organism must be restored and indeed the aforementioned 8 substances are the prerequisite for optimal health.

Third: If the cancer patient is in the reversible stage (i.e. capable of improvement), then the therapeutic introduction of the 8 substances mentioned effects a recovery of the organism which results in reactivation of the suppressor, and thus of the total defense system, including melting of the tumor, this means that the cancer cells are then destroyed and the patient is healed.

Unfortunately Dr. Moerman was constantly persecuted in Holland, although he published many successful cases. Even the protection of other doctors did not help, so he certainly goes down in history as one of the “misunderstood oncologists”. For more information: see Dr. C. Moerman’s book: Cancer. ISBN: 3-591-08310-0

Where can I get the therapy?

Check here to the docs.cancer-whisperer.com page

Read more about Moerman Diet by reading a book.

Dr. Moerman’s Anti-cancer Diet: Holland’s Revolutionary Nutritional Program for Combating Cancer by Ruth Jochems (1990-09-06)

Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: I consider Dr. Moermann to be the forerunner of orthomolecular medicine. I believe however that Dr. Moermann, if he were still alive would certainly “adapt” his therapy.

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