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Other theories

Naturally there are still many other theories, such as the anthroposophic theories of Rudolf Steiner, in which the astral body can no longer penetrate the physical body. Pischinger and Heine also have an enlightening theory with their description of the morphogenetic inductors or the breakdown of the matrix. I do not want to deal with all the theories of traditional Chinese medicine or the Ayurveda here as I believe they would exceed the scope of this book. It is important to me that you understand that the “mutation theory”, which is accepted by almost all doctors as “scientific fact”, is not nearly as scientific as it is presented to be, and that there are other theories that are far more enlightening.

As Erich Rouka describes very well, and as we all know today, naturally there are changes of the cell nucleus. However consequently to now go and act like all the other changes are only a “repercussion” of this DNA change, can only be called ignorance and arrogance in light of today’s knowledge. Unfortunately we must experience every day just to what point denial of “genuine” science has brought us.

The next time you hear something about a “malignant” or “degenerated” cell, which is supposed to be responsible for cancer, then at least you will know that these statements at best reflect the knowledge of the person making them, and nothing more.

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