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Synergetics is originally a term used in physics and means the “science of combined effect”. Above all, this term has been coined by Professor Hermann Haken, mainly in connection with self-organisation. Professor Haken himself defines it thus: “There is a tendency today to subsume everything which has to do with self organisation under the heading of “chaos theory”.

Chaos theory deals with a few levels of freedom or a few variables and stipulates that even when only a few variables combine together, a chaotic irregular behaviour results. One can therefore ask what indeed chaos theory has to do with self organisation, since self organisation arises from the cooperation of a great many individual parts. A liquid consists of many individual molecules, a society of many different individuals, an economy of many different players. Synergetics shows that even a complex system which consists of many individual parts can be described in terms of a few variables, which are then known as the ordering parameters. So once one has arrived at a few variables, they can be subjected to the laws of chaos theory. To this extent, chaos theory is a component part of synergetics.”

What still sounds rather abstract coming from Professor Hagen has today, thanks to the physics engineer Bernd Joschko, become a guide to self-healing. As early as the end of the 1970’s, Bernd Joschko, who originally worked as a profiler at the federal police department, collected numerous experiences  relating to self-awareness therapies and holistic therapies. He was also positively influenced by the discoveries of a Dr. Hamers and, thanks to the rare combination of own experience on the one side and the logical thinking capability of an engineer on the other side, Bernd Joschko recognised that all remembered and symbolic images within our brain are in a state of constant interaction, and form patterns. If individual “inner pictures” are now altered, entire patterns are thus in a position to change. All of this knowledge is nothing really new, but Herr Joschko for the first time transferred the principles of synergetic pattern recognition over to the inner pictures which are “visible” under deep relaxation. In this manner, he found a way by which self-organisational processes can be triggered in people which simultaneously also lead to self-healing processes in the body.

In order to be able to trigger self-healing processes, one must first destroy the old structures, in the sense of: “We achieve order by creating chaos”. In practice, this means that a person under the instruction of a synergetic therapist  changes his inner pictures. For this purpose, one places oneself into a state of deep relaxation in order to be able to “address” larger areas of the brain, and is then led by the therapist through one’s inner world.

In a similar way to the New Medicine, synergetics also believes that the three levels of brain, body and organs are in a state of constant interaction with each other and that permanent self-organisations take place. Another shared belief is that symptoms are nothing other than information structures anchored in the brain and should of course not be fought against, but used for better diagnosis and changed via the resolution of conflicts.

However, there are also clear differences from the New Medicine. The first is surely the active therapist who tries, using different regions of the brain from those in New Medicine, to find the anchored information structures and to change them. This addresses the strong desire many people who do not wish to just wait. Although the New Medicine does not of course consist only of waiting,  many patients nevertheless perceive it as such.

A further difference is that, while Dr. Hamers only describes that a person has to be caught “on the wrong foot” for a conflict to arise at all, synergetics however asks why the situation should present any conflict for this person.

Where can I get the therapy?

Check here to the docs.cancer-whisperer.com page

Read more about Synergetics by reading a book.

Rhythmic Stimulation Procedures in Neuromodulation

Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: I can only describe my personal experiences with synergetics as very good. Help towards self-help is exactly what cancer patients need. Of course I realise that many cancer patients do not understand what miracles changes of inner pictures can effect and that it will take a number of years before synergetics becomes accepted. But for all those patients who already understand this, and who are prepared to take an active part in the healing process, synergetics is certainly a true blessing.

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