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The balance theory

This theory states that a tumor occurs because certain cells can no longer perform the tasks they are supposed to perform, and consequently they attempt to create a balance through overproduction, (by the way, this is explained by others, including Dr. Hamer, in somewhat different terms).

The trigger is always a stress situation, which can be of a bodily nature (poor nutrition, radiation exposure, toxins etc.) and/or a psychic nature. This stress situation prevents a cell from organizing itself in its usual manner (e.g. cell membrane voltage, mitochondrial activity, etc.) This lessens the vital cell functions and the cell tries to find its own ways out of this situation. Unfortunately this “attempt” leads to more stress and the cancer circuit cannot be stopped.

We recognize this problem with the fatty liver syndrome. With disturbances of the liver, e.g. excessive alcohol consumption, the liver cells are under permanent stress, which no longer allows the liver to organize itself. Consequently the liver can no longer perform its detoxification functions and produces more cells in the hope that these new cells can “help out”.

In order to be sure, our liver does something very intelligent and produces many more cells than before and thus clearly increases in size. It is precisely this process that could also be taking place with cancer cells. Since certain cells are disturbed in their function, the body attempts, in spite of this disturbance, to perform the tasks that are intended for these cells, and produces “like crazy” to more and more of the same type cells. Unfortunately this excess production results in cells that are not 100% identical to the original cells, and which as a consequence can cause great damage to neighboring cell structures.

You can easily test this theory for yourself. Do not give your plants any water for a brief period, and you will note they grow faster then the “properly nourished plants”. If you believe that conclusions cannot be drawn from plants that apply to people, then you are mistaken in this case. Do you know how scientists generate laboratory clones with today’s genetic engineering? It is not by providing a sufficient supply of nutrient solution, rather precisely the opposite is the case. If you want human cells to divide faster then you let them starve. This is precisely what probably happens with a tumor. The cells are “hungry” because they are not getting enough of what they need. Applying this theory it is easy to see why nutrition and detoxification play such an important role with cancer.

Read more about the balance theory by reading a book.

The balance theory approach to therapy:

The most important thing is to exclude all stress factors. This naturally includes the bodily factors like teeth, intestines, skin, mesenchyme tissue, scars, etc., and the psychological factors. Considering allopathy treats cancer with toxins, and considering that psychological stress through the diagnosis and the lack of sensitivity of many doctors, then from the perspective of the balance theory one can only say that everything that could be done wrong is also being done wrong in allopathic practice.

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