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The Journey by Brandon Bays

Brandon Bays is a US-born bestselling author and founder of “The Journey”.

In 1992 she became cancer, but thanks to her method she cured herself completely of this alleged cancer within a short time, without resorting to established medical procedures.

The core of the method is the concept that “negative experiences” lead to illnesses and that this is the case with practically all illnesses. The Journey method dissolves emotional blockades and thus bring about self-healing. Part of her teaching is also the idea that cells have a memory for positive and negative “stimuli”. Negative stimuli (also “unfinished painful memories” and “suppressed feelings”) in the sense of the teaching would have the consequence that “receptors in cell walls” should “close themselves off”, which would lead to so-called “blockades”.

Therapeutically, visualizations and “journeys into the interior” (as “emotional journey” through “hidden feelings” to an “innermost source”) should be. In addition, there are regulations on a vegan diet.

More information under: https://www.thejourney.com

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