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The mitochondrial theory

or why our heart and our brain cannot get cancer.

Even in the non-conventional scene, there is no agreement on what cancer is. The most popular theory is certainly however the mitochondrial theory. This theory says that our cells switch their metabolism over to fermentation. Let me explain this to you in more detail. As we know from our biology class, for example sugar (C6H1206) in our mitochondria is broken down into water and carbon-dioxide via multiple intermediate steps. The intermediate steps are important because otherwise we would develop so much heat in the breakdown process that we would burn up. On one hand our cells are energy producers, in order to maintain our body heat of 37 degrees C, and on the other hand each of has the most intelligent cooling system that can be imagined. Now why our cells at the end of this breaking down process do not build up more water and carbon dioxide is still disputed by the individual theorists.

The only area where there is some unity is that cytochrome oxidases (enzymes) and/or an excessive consumption of glutathione plays a significant role, as described by Dr. Heinrich Kremer in his German book: The Quiet Revolution of Cancer and AIDS Medicine. In summary this means that our cells produce only 192 Joule instead of 2814 Joule and consequently we have a real energy problem in our body, with the most widely varying effects on our organism such as tumors for instance. The most important single effect however consists of lowered tension of our cell membrane. This lowered cell membrane tension plays a significant role because the cell membrane decides what comes into a cell and what comes out of a cell. Due to this changed tension it can be the case that no more oxygen gets into the cell. In this case there are only two possibilities left for cell. Either it decides to die, or it starts to live without oxygen, meaning it starts to consume more energy than it produces itself. A byproduct of this “decision” is then also the immortality of the cell. Tumors do not occur because your cells divide too quickly, but rather tumors occur because the old cells no longer die. Critics always maintain that these types of programs do not exist in our cells. But this is naturally not true because the program: “without oxygen”, meaning the ability to generate necessary energy from fermentation is naturally in all of our cells, otherwise we could not have survived the first days after conception in our mother’s womb.

There are two points in our body whose electricity we can measure with simple means (more precisely stated the ECG and the EEG) – our heart and our brain. Precisely at these points it is impossible for tumors to develop; or do you know someone with heart cancer? With heart cancer no, but perhaps you are thinking, with a brain tumor, yes. But in reality there are no brain tumors. It is known that our brain consists of nerve cells, and since nerve cells cannot divide, there cannot be any brain tumors. What there are, are tumors of the glia, which is a supporting tissue of the brain, whose cells can also multiply throughout life.

This supporting tissue with mesodermal origins comprises the major portion of our brain and consists of cells like glia cells, astrocytes, or oligodendrocytes, from which the names of brain tumors like glioblastoma, astrocytoma etc. are derived. Because nerve cells cannot multiply, naturally there are no brain tumors. With our heart whose cells multiply constantly it is a totally different picture. Our cell membranes have a voltage from -70 mV to -90 mV and as long as this voltage is maintained, it is not possible for a cell to ferment, thus they cannot become a cancer cell. Because our heart is known to be under slightly more current than other cell structures, it is not possible for the cells in our heart to degenerate.

This fact alone indicates that the mitochondria theory is a much more suitable model to explain cancer, than is the mutation theory. Unfortunately for years this theory has simply

been passed over and dismissed as if such “noticeable appearances”, as our heart not developing tumors, or metastases occurring principally in the liver and lungs, do not exist.

Read more about mitochondrial theory by reading a book.

The mitochondria approach to therapy:

Nutrition therapy, 3E program and orthomolecular medicine. The overarching concept could be termed protection or healing the mitochondria. For adherents of the mitochondria theory genes play only a conditional role.

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