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The Reich theory

The famous doctor Wilhem Reich, who opposed his teacher Sigmund Freud and wrote a lot about freeing natural sexuality, was one of the first who considered cancer to be an energy deficit. He describes in detail how cancer cells have lost the relationship to the whole (body) and that their energy charge is no longer sufficient to handle the tasks intended for them.

Naturally, as a psychoanalyst, it was clear to Dr. Reich that such cell disorders are the result of great emotional blockage. What Reich only described in theory, Dr. Albert Popp was able to prove in the laboratory recently – namely the changed radiation of biophotons from cancer cells. Also Kirlian photography (photos that are made in a dark room, in a high-frequency field) brings more and more verifications for this theory to light.

We have Reich to thank that today we know that our immune system does not just produce antibodies, and that white blood cells eat up antigens, but that there is also a bioenergetic immune defense. This means that how strongly a cell is charged with energy is very important. His work with blood cells clearly showed that they are capable of withdrawing energy from pathogens and thus they are capable of killing them. If the blood cell is too weak then the energy flow towards the blood cell does not occur and the pathogen can continue to spread out. Interestingly enough this applies for pathogens from outside as well as from inside after a structural breakdown process.

Reich was able to determine that an immense number of T-bacilli (Reich’s definition) are present in the blood of cancer patients, and that the few red blood cells quickly break apart. Since logically these T-bacilli withdraw a lot of energy, a cancer patient also becomes more cachectic (weaker), and dies due to this loss of energy (see the frequency theory in this regard). Every oncologist is aware of this problem, since most cancer patients do not die because of the size of the tumor, rather they die of this process.

Many unusual successes (also called spontaneous healings or miracles, by allopathy) can be explained scientifically with Reich’s theory. I can also confirm this theory as I have personally shaken hands with many people who have returned to health through this “energy work”.

Read more about the Reich theory by reading a book.

The Reich theory approach to therapy:

Detoxification, nutrition, energy work with the orgone accumulator (a specially built box that a person can sit in).

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