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Most people in Germany know Franz Konz because of his bestseller: Steuern sparen (Save Taxes). What many people do not know is that Konz is a first-class observer of the medical scene and has distanced himself from the diplomatic approach for some time. Anyone can read what this means in his book, which is almost 1,500 pages long: Der Grosse Gesundheits-Konz (The Konz Health Conpendium). In this outstanding book he presents his views on medicine in a manner that is totally unique.

At first glance his urtherapy (ur = original) may seem a bit crazy, as it says that the patient “finds” his food for himself everyday. But if his book is considered from a holistic viewpoint, the reader quickly understands why this therapy simply has to be effective.

Whoever looks at his therapy in detail will find elements in common with other nutrition therapies. Konz however pursues an extremely consistent path, which not even Dr. Johanna Budwig requires in this manner. However after many years in oncology I must say in favor of Dr. Budwig or Mr. Konz, that I can readily understand their attitude. However I cannot recommend their manner of conducting a dialog, particularly with very ill patients, from a psychological perspective.

Nevertheless Konz also describes how important it is to detoxify, live happily, and pay attention to diet. In other words: He is another specialist who describes a 3E path, even if such a path will never experience a breakthrough because it is too far removed from  “normal” life for 99.99% of the population. Unfortunately Franz Konz has also totally distanced himself from the “diplomatic world” and mixes private matters and medical matters in his therapy description in such a manner that I am not the only person who has difficulty separating the important things from the unimportant things.

Where can I get the therapy?

Check here to the docs.cancer-whisperer.com page

Read more about Urtherapy by reading a book.
Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: I find the personal extremism of Franz Konz quite unfortunate, as he certainly has a lot of good approaches and his therapy could help many more people. On the other hand, as previously mentioned, I can readily understand people like him, Dr. Hamer, or Dr. Budwig, as I have often considered leaving the diplomatic paths, in order just to be there for a few people. In any case his book is interesting, it clears up many myths, and every cancer patient should have it on his bookshelf.

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