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Get a first impression about our Original Budwig Center

How does cancer develop? In this videos, Lothar Hirneise speaks about the simple physiological explanation

Ask yourself this two important questions before you start the Oil-Protein Diet

Learn how to make the original Oil-Quark-Mix as Dr. Johanna Budwig taught Lothar Hirneise personally

Lothar Hirneise tells you everything you should know about fats & oils to avoid mistakes in the original Oil-Protein Diet

Watch and listen to Lothar Hirneise´s advice about the original Oil-Quark-Mix

Lothar Hirneise tells you how important coconut fat is

Lothar Hirneise tells us the 5 mistakes you should avoid in the original oil-protein diet

Lothar Hirneise tells us why Sauerkraut is so important in the original oil-protein diet

Lothar Hirneise talking about the Oil-Protein Diet and alternative cancer programs

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