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What is Cancer-Whisperer?

Cancer-Whisperer is generally speaking a ONE STOP website for cancer patients and therapists dealing with cancer and especially for people interested in holistic cancer therapies.

Who is responsible for the information?

We are a team and we decide together. The head of the research team is Lothar Hirneise, probably Europe's best known expert when it comes to holistic cancer therapies. Read more at www.hirneise.com.

Why do I need Cancer-Whisperer, I can find all the information, often even free of charge, on the Internet?

What sounds simple at first is actually extremely difficult. INDEPENDENT information is almost impossible to obtain, even if it is always claimed. However, at Cancer-Whisperer you can be sure that we are not trying to sell you therapies or medications. We earn money exclusively with information. To get it, our team travels around the world and talks to researchers on all 5 continents every day.

What do I get with a membership?

You get information on different cancer therapies, on therapists, on medications and access to several hundred books. But that's not all. You can learn the 3E program, which has saved the lives of thousands of people, not only in Europe, or shown cancer patients a viable path to recovery even after doctors have said there is no cure.

If you want to know more about what is going wrong in oncology today, please first watch this video with Lothar Hirneise (with English subtitles)


What is a University professor talking about when he uses the word cancer?

Before we discuss various theories concerning what cancer is or is not, I would like to tell you something about the importance of these theories. You will notice on the following pages that the answer to the question “What is cancer really” has two main camps.

hummus budwig theory

Budwig theory

In order to understand the Oil-Protein Diet, one has to go into the depths of physics or better understand what Dr Budwig understood by evolution, nature, life, growth and electrons. Learn more...

mutation theory

The mutation theory

First it must be stated that even in allopathy there is no real agreement on how cancer is caused. There are reports of cancer being caused through viral infections e.g. Learn more...

mitochondrial theory

The mitochondrial theory

Even in the non-conventional scene, there is no agreement on what cancer is. The most popular theory is certainly however the mitochondrial theory. Learn more...

human anatomy with liver highlighted

The theory of the 2nd liver

Disregarding allopathy, for which cancer is simply a genetic pre-disposition, which cannot be countered anyway, many researchers around the world are considering... Learn more...

human silhouette with code

Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine

These days, whoever writes about Dr. Hamer runs the risk of being thrown into the same pot with the “greatest quack in oncology”; particularly since Dr. Hamer... Learn more...

frequency theory

The frequency theory

How do the trillions of cells in our body actually communicate? How does a cell know what kind of cell it actually is? A lot is being said these days about our genes, but... Learn more...

stone balance

The balance theory

This theory states that a tumor occurs because certain cells can no longer perform the tasks they are supposed to perform, and consequently they attempt to create a balance... Learn more...

parasite cell image

The Reich theory

The famous doctor Wilhem Reich, who opposed his teacher Sigmund Freud and wrote a lot about freeing natural sexuality,was one of the first who considered cancer to be an energy deficit. Learn more...

parasite theory

The parasite theory

The word parasite comes from the Greek and means, one who eats at the table of another. Colloquially, freeloaders are also referred to as parasites, i.e. life forms that live at other’s costs. Learn more...

Acid base theory

Acid base theory

A lot has been written in recent years about the importance of the acid base balance, also with reference to cancer. However, when we finally have to explain why for cancer patients,... Learn more...

human DNA strand with disease around

Other theories

Naturally there are still many other theories, such as the anthroposophic theories of Rudolf Steiner, in which the astral body can no longer penetrate the physical body. Learn more...


Below I would like to provide you with a list of what the gold standard of allopathy (standard treatment) is for certain types of cancer. Perhaps you are thinking, “But there are certainly conventional text books for this”. Yes that is correct, but they do not include my critical comments. And from my years of experience I know that it is often the little things that make the difference as to why patients decide for this treatment, or for that treatment. Does the patient like the doctor, do the doctor’s statements come across well, is the clinic conveniently located often are more important decision-making factors than all the statistics in the world.

Cancer studies


The Big C is one of the most dreadful illness that is slowly creeping in the society and despite the fact that science has been advancing over the previous decades the success rate for the cure of cancer isn’t 100%.

If you are a cancer patient and talk with your doctor about a cancer therapy, what are the most interesting points for you?


What you should know about surgery

By the 19th century, surgery has become the foremost therapy for cancer. Little has changed down to our day and looking at the alternative therapy options of chemotherapy and radiation, you may agree with the popularity of surgery. Read more...

Surgery for Cancer: A Trigger for Metastases

More than a quarter of people worldwide will ultimately be affected by cancer (1), and surgical removal remains a mainstay in the cure and control of most solid cancers. Although surgical excision of primary or even metastatic tumors can save or extend life, it has long been acknowledged that the surgical insult itself may precipitate or accelerate tumor recurrence. Read more...



Chemotherapy! A curse or the last resort?

To address the subject of chemotherapy without getting into an emotional discussion is probably no longer possible in the 21st century; and the reason for this is relatively simple. Nobody really knows precisely for which people chemotherapy will prove helpful in destroying a tumor, nor does anybody really know precisely if it would be better not to undergo the chemotherapy. Read more...

The cancer business is a billion dollar industry

In the meantime the number of people who earn their living from cancer patients, is greater than the number of cancer patients themselves. It is easy enough to imagine that companies that annually earn hundreds of millions of dollars in cancer medications, mammography devices, laboratory examinations, and radiation devices, will do everything they can to satisfy their shareholders. What this struggle looks like we experience again and again. Read more...

Response rate and survival time

Chemotherapy also involves an additional issue: Response rate and survival time. You must learn to separate these terms because doctors unfortunately do not always separate them. If a doctor says to you that there are breast cancer studies for example by Henderson and Canello, by Schwartsmann and Pinedo, or by Plosker and Faulds, which prove that chemotherapies like Doxorubicin or Epirubicin in high doses have acheived reponse rates up to 70%, then this is absolutely true. Read more...

Wanna know what chemotherapy is given to a specific cancer type and what are the side effects? Read more...


The fundamentals concerning irradiation

In my opinion irradiation is still considered far more harmless than it really is, and I cannot believe the nonsense that is print-ed in books or cited in presentations. Many professors maintain publicly that irradiation only damages diseased cells. In response I can only say, “Are there any limits to how much nonsense can be stated publicly?” Read more...

yellow color emitting light

Alternative Therapies

At some point, some people will look for another way to cure their illness. It may help in alleviating what they are feeling.

Tumor destroying therapies

Immunsystem changing therapies

Cause searching therapy

Nutritional therapies

"Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe"

Supporting Substances


When is cancer actually cancer?

For many years we have been told that we can get a better handle on the “problem of cancer” thanks to new preventative examinations. But the only thing that one can get a better handle on are the significantly increased revenues for the industry that manufactures the X-ray devices, PAP tests, etc. An additional advantage for the industry is that the statistics look better. Since the introduction of mammography women with breast cancer survive much longer.

Test tubes with numbers

Conventional examinations for diagnosing tumors or leukemia and lymphatic cancer

Reading something on the paper

Non-conventional examinations for diagnosis of a tumor or leukemia and lymphatic cancer

What applies for conventional diagnosis also applies for non-conventional diagnosis. Until we know what cancer is, we are incapable of 100% sure diagnosis. However in contrast to the usual blood tests there are three serious differences:

Doctor holding hand of patient

Preventative care and aftercare

The concepts of preventative care and after care also part of the subject of diagnosis. Is it really clear to you that these two terms include the word “Care” (as in worry)? This is precisely what is involved here because a lot of people earn a lot of money when you are worried. 

More than 500 interesting books!

More than 50 Cancer books

Enjoy reading and be inform

All books of the series: Healing cancer holistically by Lothar Hirneise.

list of chemo books

Each book has more than 600 pages!

For many years the author has been traveling throughout the world looking for the most successful cancer therapies, and he has been explaining to people that there is much more available than just chemotherapy and irradiation. Recognized internationally as Europe's leading specialist in this area, he describes the results of his years of research in the series: Healing Cancer Holistically. The reader will learn in detail why so-called experts in reality know little about cancer. In addition to descriptions of more than 100 cancer therapies and substances used in treating cancer, the author also explains which cancer therapies are used allopathically and what is imperative for a patient to know before he subjects himself to such therapies. The 3E-Program, which is based on the analysis of case histories of thousands of people who have survived late stage cancer, is also described for the first time. Learn why so many people die of cancer, and why so many others do not. This book not only supplies an incredible amount of information, it also helps the cancer patient to find his own way to cure cancer through the active exercises of the 3E-Program.

Dr. Johanna Budwig picture

Dr. Johanna Budwig first obtained a doctorate in physics, chemistry and pharmacy. Later she worked in fat research, published a work on the differentiation of fat and became head of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Products and Fats at the Federal Institute for research.Early 1998 she became a close friend with Lothar Hirneise. Together, they held several lectures on alternative cancer therapies,more specifically the Oil-Protein Diet, and published two books together.

This is the Original cover from 1952, first published in English 1994. Many delicious recipes. 182 pages. 






This is the new cover from 2018, with the same content PLUS additional information from Lothar Hirneise. 206 pages. 

oil-protein diet book cover
Cancer The Problem cover

The statements about essential fats or the life threatening effects of certain fats and their significance for the cancer problem lead to a collision with prevailing opinion. Convinced of her scientific findings on the natural science level, Dr. Johanna Budwig devoted her life to the realization of the validity of her research results for sustaining human life in medicine, and in the process bring about a change in the direction of cancer research and therapy.

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Dr. Budwig and myself


First time I heard of Dr. Johanna Budwig and the Oil-Protein Diet was precisely in America, as Frank Wiewel told me that he had been in contact with Dr. Budwig for several years.

videos with Lothar Hirneise


Enjoy watching the videos that are not only informative at the same time enjoyable.

listening through headphone


Listen to the podcasts that are available to you. Learn about cancer just by listening to variety of topics about it.

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The training is suitable for all people who want to learn more about the original Oil-Protein Diet according to Dr. Johanna Budwig, as Lothar Hirneise learned from Dr. Johanna Budwig.

Medical knowledge is not required.



General procedure

It is possible to complete the training as an Oil-Protein Diet consultant in a 4-month online training course.


Time schedule

You will receive teaching letters for four months.You can take the exam 4 months after the first lesson, at the earliest, or 8 months at the latest. In this way, you can determine your own learning speed.



After four months you will have the opportunity to take an exam to become a Certified Oil-Protein Diet Counselor. Of course, the examination is not compulsory and is especially interesting for those who want to use the training professionally.

Certificate oil-protein diet counselor

After passing the exam, you will receive a certificate in A3 format, which gives you the title "Oil-Protein Diet Counselor".

Become an Oil-Protein Diet Counselor?


Independent, holistic cancer counseling

Sooner or later, all who are closely involved with non-conventional cancer therapies are confronted with the same problem: the majority of patients only turn to alternative therapies after conventional therapies have failed. Unfortunately, the body’s condition at which the alternative therapy begins is now completely different than it was before chemotherapy or irradiation was administered. Naturally, our body is no longer the same after irradiation or chemotherapy, not even when “objective data”, such as hemograms, stabilize after several weeks.


The training includes:

* 12 x teaching letters - each between 40-70 pages

* Videos with Lothar Hirneise

* Online exam

* Supervision during training personally by Lothar Hirneise

* Access to the internal trainee forum with current news

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