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Ukrain is a mixture of chelidonium majus L. Better known as greater celandine and the cytostatic agent, thiotepa. It contains different types of alkaloids whose concentration is seasonal, similar to mistletoe, and it is approved as a medication in the Ukraine and in White Russia. It was discovered by the chemist J.W. Nowicky from Vienna, who is also the chairman of the Ukrain Institute for Cancer in Vienna, which I visited together with Frank Wiewel for the first time in 1999.

Mixing a cytostatic agent with herbs at first sounds somewhat unusual. But according to the Nowicky’s information the mixture has been substantiated by chemical tests which have now been published. The following processes occur in the mixture: From the chemical perspective thiotepa works through its alkalizing properties. In English this means that its three aziridine rings split off and enter into a chemical combination with the cells, which inhibits cell division. Now if these rings are split off in the test tube and are combined with the alkaloids, thiotepa loses its toxic characteristics. Thus no thiotepa can be found in Ukrain.

In Germany it is primarily Dr. Burkhard Aschoff, owner of the Villa Medica Clinic in Edenkoben, in the Palatinate who has been using Ukrain for many years. He also attracted a lot of attention through two cases, when he successfully treated a 10-year old girl with an Ewing sarcoma, and in 1998 when he successfully treated a 2-year old child with a neuroblastoma using hyperthermia and Ukrain. The available data show successes with breast cancer, colon cancer and particularly with bladder cancer, and individual cases show successes for several other types of cancer. Thus 90 patients with pancreatic cancer were treated at the University of Ulm. The survival rate after 6 months with Ukrain was 65% compared to 26% for patients who were given Gemcitabine

Also Prof. Zemsko at the University of Kiev was able to achieve a clear extension of life for 42 patients with pancreatic cancer using a combination of Ukrain and vitamin C.

While Ukrain is not approved in Germany, it can nevertheless be obtained with a doctor’s specific prescription. Unfortunately there are few doctors who have studied Ukrain intensively, there are however many doctors who think that they know Ukrain does not work, and that only quacks use this preparation. The fact is that worldwide there are more than 100 studies using Ukrain and there are indications that it is entirely capable of fighting tumor cells. More information and all studies are available at: www.ukrin.com.

Where can I get the therapy?

Check here to the docs.cancer-whisperer.com page

Read more about Ukrain by reading a book.
Lothar Hirneise

Personal opinion: Dr. Aschoff has had good experience with Ukrain, and also the many studies made by Dr. Nowicky allow us to surmise that ukrain could be an effective medication for certain types of cancer like prostate cancer, breast cancer, or colon cancer.

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